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LeadModo - $27 Lifetime

Struggling to connect with your audience? It's an all too common problem, one you now don't need to worry about! Engage and convert your audience with interactive quizzes, unlimited surveys and polls.

Inboxr - $41 Lifetime

With 90%+ open rates, Facebook messenger is one of the best ways to market to your audience. With Inboxr you can now grow a fb messenger marketing list and schedule posts like you would with email.

Regular Price
$19 a month
Regular Price
$14 a Month
Hippo Video - $49 Lifetime

Hippo makes it easy for businesses to create, host, manage, share, and analyze videos making it easier for you to harness the power of video to connect with your audience.

NewOldStamp - $29 Lifetime

Drastically improve your brand identity with an intuitive and easy to use email signature creator. With NewOldStamp you can create and manage your team’s email signatures in one place.

Regular Price
$49 a month
Regular Price
$23 a month
Animatron - $50 Lifetime

Grab lifetime access to one of the best animated software platforms on the net. With Animatron you get access to 10,000 video clips, 2,000+ animated objects and more.

Screen Grabber - $28 Lifetime

Screen Grabber Pro lets you capture footage on your screen, record audio, and even edit your videos while they're still recording. Simply said it puts the other screen recording apps to shame.

Regular Price
$15 a month
Regular Price
$29 a year
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